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Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the new CLRG rules?

kristengodsey. answered:


In regards to the makeup - I think it was getting out of hand for little girls. Let little ones be little you know? But I feel a complete ban was too extreme. If little dancers are going to get up on stage at a major, whether it be for solos or teams, they should have some make up on. Not going crazy, but if you expect these kids to be up there under stage lights they should have a little makeup on. And I even think them having minimal makeup for non majors was fine, but people took it too far and some sort of rule was necessary.

In regards to names on dresses - I don’t like this rule. I agree with the part that no school symbols should be on solo dresses, that’s just asking for politics and messy situations. But if I want my name on my cape, who cares? How many Shannons, Maggies, Katies, Colleens, and Bridgets are there in Irish dancing? If that’s how I would like to express myself in my solo dress, that shouldn’t have any impact on how the judges judge me, and I should be able to have it there! Also, Sinead Carson for example has a beautiful S on the front of her skirt. That initial doesn’t tell anyone who she is, even though people obviously know. So what harm is that S doing? None. I’m not a fan of this rule at all.

Not for nothing but I genuinely think that parent’s whose kids aren’t dancing as well as they want them too blame their child’s loss on the makeup and dresses that her competitors wore…..

They like to believe that their kid was at a disadvantage and lost because someone else had her name on her dress so the judging was “bias.” Or that she didn’t win because she wasn’t wearing as much makeup as everyone else. >=[ Not a fan of this rule either 

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Gentle reminder that when you see a little girl in makeup and you say “oh, she’s being sexualized!” you’re the one sexualizing her. Makeup, wigs, fake tans don’t do that. People do.

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Make-up banned for Irish dancers under 10 -

Am I the only one who thinks this is absurd? And Artificial Carriage Aids…. I’ve never heard of that in my entire life

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